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Harriet Yoselle MSN APRN BC

The information on this website will help you understand how I work as a psychotherapist. Finding a good therapist is not easy, and the match between patient and therapist is important. Therapists are not all the same. Therapists differ greatly in treatment methodologies. These are influenced by level of skill, training, experience, and areas of specialization.  

For over 30 years, I have provided patient focused, advocacy oriented psychotherapy. Therapy is one way to experience personal liberation. It does this through educating patients to achieve: freedom from symptoms of illness, healing stability, true acceptance of self, contentment, and inner peace. I provide individual, couples, and family therapy, and my patients are straight, gay, single, married, and divorced.  My patients range in age from late adolescence to older adults.

My style is collaborative and interactive. For my patients, this means that we have an active exchange of information to explore issues and situations. This allows us to define treatment goals. My role as your advocate includes coordinating your treatment in an interdisciplinary approach with other medical professionals, when necessary. This ensures that your treatment is comprehensive and considers existing, essential elements of your life. Other medical professionals may include primary care physicians, psychiatrists, gynecologists, urologists, internists and other professionals, as required.

My clinical approach is eclectic. I am skilled in the utilization of cognitive behavioral therapy modalities and in psychodynamic treatment approaches. I provide short term and longer term psychotherapy.

My goals in providing psychotherapy are to empower individuals, couples and families to find mental wellness, insight, improved communications skills, and optimal success in meeting life’s challenges. This is what I mean by care that improves lives.

Current & Former Memberships
American Association
of Sexuality Educators,
Counselors and Therapists
Sexual Medicine Society
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American Association
for Marraige and Family
American Association
of Nurse Practitioners
American Psychiatric Nurses Association
Eye Movement
sitization and Reprocessing International Association
National Board
for Certified Clinical
American Society
of Clinical
Society for Sex
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