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What is Interactive Mental Health
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What is Interactive Mental Health?

Interactive Mental Health means that there is a proactive role played by the therapist, on behalf of the patient (individual, couple, family), to bring to bear the resources that result in a successful therapy outcome. In my observation, many people start and stop therapy, start and stop medications, and feel that they have failed treatment because they have been in therapy before without a successful outcome.  Perhaps, mental health treatment has failed them.

Illness, medications, and undiagnosed medical issues may be playing a role in psychological distress. Hence, Interactive Mental Health requires the gathering of sufficient information, both psychological and medical, to formulate a comprehensive treatment strategy.    

Consistent with the proactive role of the therapist, advocacy is an essential cornerstone in mental health care.  Advocacy practice means to support, empower, promote, gather consensus, assist in acquiring services, influence decisions, and develop a collective set of values.  It is a broad based approach to problem solving. There are many options for demonstrating and teaching this role to patients: spouses with each other, teens to parents and teachers, employee to employer, to mention but a few.  Advocacy combined with interdisciplinary collaboration and networking are essential to the psychotherapy patient today.    

Along with advocacy, I value defining treatment goals that reflect the patient’s priorities. A collaborative role between the patient and the therapist is essential. This process may include the inclusion of significant family and friends to effect more comprehensive assessment, problem solving, and successful treatment. 

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